Heavy Machinery Set, 12 Designs
Boys will love these designs! See sizes below.

Heavy Machinery Set, 12 Designs

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Boys will love these designs! See sizes below.

Products Specs

5"x7" Product Specs
Finish Size: Crane Machine 4.25" x 2.53"
Stitch Count: Crane Machine 8597
Finish Size: Road Grader 1.98" x 4.29"
Stitch Count: Road Grader 14253
Finish Size: Off Road Dump Truck 2.39" x 4.09"
Stitch Count: Off Road Dump Truck 20754
Finish Size: Excavator 2.53" x 4.01"
Stitch Count: Excavator 14583
Finish Size: Cement Mixer Truck 2.01" x 4.03"
Stitch Count: Cement Mixer Truck 17711
Finish Size: Dump Truck 2.01" x 4.02"
Stitch Count: Dump Truck 17169
Finish Size: Semi With Dump Trailer 1.27" x 4.55"
Stitch Count: Semi With Dump Truck 14831
4"x4" Product Specs
Finish Size: Fork Lift 2.41" x 3.46"
Stitch Count: Fork Lift 12561
Finish Size: Asphalt Compactor 2.27" x 3.03"
Stitch Count: Asphalt Compactor 12498
Finish Size: Dozer 2.23" x 3.47"
Stitch Count: Dozer 16874
Finish Size: Backhoe 2.22" x 4.00"
Stitch Count: Backhoe 16783
Finish Size: Skid Loader 2.04" x 2.54"
Stitch Count: Skid Loader 9764

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