Product Review: Vilene Stabilizer

Product Review: Vilene Stabilizer

Published: August 8th, 2016

By Michelle of Abigail Michelle

If you're like me and love to stitch out free standing lace (FSL) and in-the-hoop projects (ITH), I found a great product that will make our embroidery lives easier.
Of course, we need to use water-soluble or heat-soluble stabilizer in order for our projects to work correctly, and there have been a few brands that I've used over the years. I normally use Badgemaster for my FSL, which I love. However, I've also found that Vilene is also a wonderful choice.

Although it is not a new product, it's new to me and was recommended by some fellow embroidery sisters.
Vilene and is a water-soluble stabilizer. This stabilizer is different because it looks and acts like a tear-away stabilizer. It is not clear like Badgemaster, but thin enough to see through just a little bit. I've found that it is more stable than the standard clear brands and because of this, it gives me a better final result.

Here are the steps I've taken to stitch out this beautiful free standing lace heart from Blueberry Threads.

Hoop the stabilizer as usual. I used two layers of Vilene for this design and was happy with the outcome.

Stitch the design as you normally would. I used a pretty, red variegated thread. If you would like your design to be seen from the back as well as from the front, wind the same color thread onto your bobbin.

Once your design has finished stitching, remove it from the hoop and carefully cut around the design closely, but not close enough to cut through any design threads.

Soak your item in a bowl of warm water to remove the excess stabilizer. Mine did not take long at all. When I removed it, I also ran it under a warm water faucet for a moment. Let it dry on a paper or cloth towel until dry. If it doesn't dry flat, you can press it with a warm iron. I recommend using a press cloth over it while you iron it.


It's done! 

Of course, Vilene works perfectly for FSL, but it also works for in-the-hoop projects as well!

You can view all of our in-the-hoop projects here and our FSL projects here.

Vilene is available online.  Ask your machine dealer if they carry it as well.