Embroider On Toilet Paper

Embroider On Toilet Paper

Published: August 28th, 2016

by Debbie Hicks of Too Cute Embroidery

Project Stitched by Jean Kreck, Artwork from Cool Baby Graphics

How fun! Learn the easy process of doing your embroidery on toilet paper! What a fun and unique gift! And if you love this design that is shown in the pictures, you're going to love the fun surprise that is waiting for you at the end! Let's get started!

Thank you, Debbie, for a real fun tutorial! And don't you just love this Christmas design? It's yours for FREE and you'll find it in the free section of SWAKembroidery.com! ENJOY!

Elegance meets versatility! Here's another holiday design stitched on TP! You can find this design here:http://www.swakembroidery.com/info/featured-products/SWAK_tce_HolidayElegance_2Sizes.htm