Embroider On Ribbon

Embroider On Ribbon

Published: July 1st, 2016

By Michelle of Abigail Michelle

I don't think anything is as much fun as embroidering on ribbon.

If you're like me and love to add embroidery to everything I can, ribbons are just logically the next step.Of course, the most popular embroidered ribbon project is making hair bows. What fun it is to make simple bows, but add different designs to each of them! Other uses for embroidered ribbon are gift wrapping and accent trims to add to other projects. 

There are many designs that are available that are perfect for embroidering onto ribbon. Mini designs are the most popular since they are offered in so many styles and sizes. At SWAK, we offer a huge variety of mini-designs, just the right size for your projects! 
If you can also find a very thin border design. those work just as great. The important thing is to use a design that is not wider than your ribbon. Check your ribbon width as well as the widths of the designs to find a  perfect match for your project. 

Although you can embroider on many types of ribbon, grosgrain is by far the easiest and offers the best final result. 

To begin your embroidery, hoop a light tear-away stabilizer. Spray with adhesive according to manufacturer's instruction. Using a sticky back or hydrostick stabilizer is also an option. 

Next, line up the ribbon vertically as straight as  you can. Be sure the ribbon is securely stuck to the stabilizer. You can make the most of your stabilizer by "hooping" many strands of ribbon at once, side by side. Simply embroider one at a time without having to remove them first. 

When you are ready to begin, center your needle over the ribbon where you want to place your design. Be sure it is centered well on the ribbon so it won't embroider over the sides. 

If you have a built-in basting stitch on your machine, now is a perfect time to use it. Ribbon loves to move around in the hoop and basting it helps it to stay where it belongs.
An alternative to this is to stick the ribbon onto the stabilizer, then manually run a long basting stitch along the ribbon, being careful not to stitch where the design will be. These basting stitches will be removed when the design is finished. 

Once you are ready, begin your design! Stitch as normal. Sometimes slowing your machine down helps to keep the ribbon from moving around.


When the design is complete, remove the hoop from the machine.
Clip all threads on the back of the design, remove any basting stitches and remove from hoop.
Gently tear away the stabilizer from the ribbon and design. 

You're done! What will your next project be?