A Flower Pot with an Embroidered Embellishment!

A Flower Pot with an Embroidered Embellishment!

Published: August 30th, 2016

If you're like me, you probably have an ever-growing pile of stitch-outs on scrap pieces of fabric! They're so cute that I just hate to depart with them and am always looking for ways to use my tester designs.

In looking for a quick and easy gift to make for my children's teachers, here is what I came up with. In fact, I had so much fun with this, I decided to make a few for my own front porch!

Here's how!

1. Select a stitch-out that you would like to add to your can. Of course, it's always fun to find a new design as well to stitch!

2. Carefully cut a scant 1/4" outside of the design. I used a fun flower applique I found at SWAK Embroidery. Set aside.

3. Turn tin can upside down. With a nail and hammer, poke several holes through the bottom for drainage. (I used a #10 sized can, but any size can will work...soup cans, formula cans, etc.)

4. Tear away the stabilizer from the design if you choose.

5. Spread a glue stick across the back of the design stitch-out.

6. Place design onto the can and press around all edges.

7. Place a potted flower or plant inside the can.

All finished! Now wasn't that easy?

I took another cherry design I found at SWAK Embroidery and added it to a smaller tin can I had. I then filled it with a pot of basil for growing!

The possibilities are endless! Use small, empty soup cans for smaller pots of flowers, or even fill the tin can with candy or some other kind of treat!